Saturday, December 2, 2006

The beginning

Last Sunday, i began a six month experiment embracing veganism. i had not researched it substatially, but knew to stay away form meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. at fist, i thought that was vegan. but as i read the Vegan Freak book. now i see that vegan is a total life style. so, while i am for the ethical treatment of animals, i have no intention of tossing out any of my leather goods, or my norweigian wool sweaters. so, that art of veganism, i will fall short. so, my experiment has been down scoped to not be vegan but follow a vegan diet for the next 6 months.

and now, after a week, i am doin well, and am starting to feel just the slightest bit better. i am embarking on this experiment for health reasons, and hopefuly, after i evaluate the experiment, i will make it a permanent change.